LR2/beatoraja system music 「dandeless ver」 | download | was bored of listening to nothing while selecting BMS, so I made this.

if you dont know where this goes: LR2Files\Bgm\folder\sound.wav, or in beatoraja load the "Bgm" folder in settings

BOF teams:

no-music sauce | BOFXVI

BMS Releases:

▶ 2021 ◀

pphopp | download/event page | for Mumei Academy 2021

been a full year since my first BMS! very proud of my improvement

presserts | download/event page | for PABAT 2021

didn't have time to compose something new so I used an older release

soundcloud link

shlangin | download/event page | for BMS Shuin 3

born to grind, nonplayers is a fuck

soundcloud link

▶ 2020 ◀

work.it | download/event page | for THE BMS OF FIGHTERS XVI -NEO DYSTOPIA-

second of my two BOFXVI entries, created mr fingers (bird guy) for the BGA and now there's no going back

happy.mp3 | download/event page | for THE BMS OF FIGHTERS XVI -NEO DYSTOPIA-

first of my two BOFXVI entries, got help from my friend snake.ribs with the BGA

soundcloud link

usa.ogg | download/event page | for WORLD WAR -BATTLE ROYALE IN ALL REGIONS-

funny man go jump

almost! | download/event page | for Mumei 17

can you beat it? it'll make you say "almost!" or maybe not,, it is really hard