▶ 2019 ◀

list of rhythm games | link to view | an attempt to document as many rhythm games as possible.

This took about a month of on and off entering info, playing games, and remembering what I knew already. I really like what I did with this, though I doubt I'll update it.


quackingbozo simfiles | mega folder | throwback to me and my friend trying to make a simfile pack.

My friend (Quack_Z) and I (cracingbozo7) (hence why we chose quackingbozo) made some simfiles together, only three ever got done and the rest aren't finished enough to ever be public.

this banner is tight

▶ 2017 ◀

simply unproffesional | github page | old asset change of the stepmania theme Simply Love.

It was actually a bit complicated as most if not all of the in-game graphics were made out of engine-rendered rectangles, so I had to go through code to replace each little thing.


bumble | smackjeeves page | webcomic about a bee.

I ran it daily for almost a month, ended it in classic webcomic fashion, personal life excuse, then no updates ever again.